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Complete Group supports its customers with an array of proprietary products and industry leading services surrounding the entire lifecycle of a drill string

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Complete Group’s diverse industry experience and technical knowledge have enabled unique, application specific solutions for clients

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Complete Group is a service-oriented company, consolidating products and services together to complement and capture the full lifecycle of drill string tubulars.

What’s New

400 DUO Continues to Impress with Latest Inspection Results

The first commercialized drill string of 4 ½” 400 DUO drill pipe and HWDP has continued to excel in the field, with the latest inspection results confirming it’s designed field friendly capabilities. 400 DUO connections were used in the drilling of 4 additional...

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CTP23 Performs Commercially!

Developed in the earliest days of Complete Group in direct response to parameters requested by the customer, the CTP23 connection features a 2.875” x 1.500” slim tool joint with a max makeup torque of 4600 ft-lbs, all while retaining great handling characteristics and...

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Technical Bulletin – Thread Compound Friction Factors

A thread compound traditionally has two primary functions when applied to a rotary shouldered connection (RSC) in a drill string. The first role is the prevention of metal to metal damage (ie. anti-galling) of thread flanks and seal surfaces from the extremely high...

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