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Complete Group supports its customers with an array of proprietary products and industry leading services surrounding the entire lifecycle of a drill string

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Complete Group’s diverse industry experience and technical knowledge have enabled unique, application specific solutions for clients

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Complete Group is a service-oriented company, consolidating products and services together to complement and capture the full lifecycle of drill string tubulars.

What’s New

Safety Program Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Complete Group is proud to announce the successful completion of the external Certification Audit for COR, which demonstrates our commitment to developing a comprehensive health and safety program that meets the Governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s...

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DUO Field Testing

Complete Group’s DUO connection, the industry-first multi taper rotary shouldered connection, was put through its first round of field testing earlier this month. A string of 4 ½” S135 pipe and heavy weight drill pipe equipped with 400 DUO connections was deployed on...

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Drill Pipe Manufacturer Visit

Complete Group Vice President Ginette Conrad recently returned from a two-week business trip to China, where she was able to meet with several drill pipe manufacturers. During this trip abroad, Ginette (BSc Materials Engineering) verified the status of several current...

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